“Understanding What Is In It”

Topic: “Understanding what is in it”

Understanding whats stated on the label before getting them for your furry friends, many of times we listen to friends and research online on the review of the brand of food we are getting for our furry friends.

As paw parent we concern a lot on the food intake just like another humans however reviews might be written very well stating that this is the “BEST FOOD EVER!” but there is still a 50 / 50 chances that this food might not be the best for your furry friends.

As every furry friends have different body system hence by understanding the label of the food help you filter out the type of food you might not want to feed your furry friends with.

Now lets look into a typical ingredients in dry food:

Typical Ingredients in a 

Good Dry Food                                                                     Understanding them

Chicken 61% [from dried chicken] The main ingredients are alway on
top of the list and hold a high percentage.
Chicken mince 10.5% More chicken in which you have a total of 71.5%
Peas 8% Peas are vegetable however there are carbs contain in it
Potato starch 6% Another form of carb that make a total of 14% carb
Poultry oil 25% A good oil that comes from the poultry
Lamb 5% More meat normally it don’t just come from 1 type of meat
Beet pulp Source of fibre
Poultry gravy & whole egg All this before the minerals, vitamins and herbs


Typical Ingredients in a

Unknown Source Dry Food                                                Understanding them

Cereals Unknown type of cereals unknown quality of it, and they should NEVER be first on the list when its not the main ingredients
Meat and animal derivatives                            [26% meat, 4%beef] It state 4% beef and what about the 26% meat? it could be any other meat which is unknown
Various sugars Sugar is not necessary
Vegetable protein extracts It will be a better to have meat protein comparing to Vegetable protein as it not as easy to digest for dog liver and kidney
Oils and fats Unknown oils and fats, there are many type & grade of oils and fats it could be from animals or it could be from some unknown source
Minerals Minerals are good but what’s the quantity of it?

Above are just some information on how you question yourself when buying dry food for your furry friends next week last look into understanding the wet food.